10 Signs You Are A Highly Intuitive Empath

The 10 Empath Traits— Are You One, Too?

Have you ever felt an onslaught of emotion just by being near someone else? Or experienced feelings that come to you as from the outside instead of your own emotional process? If so, you might just have a special kind of sensitivity.

Our modern, urban world can be a convoluted place, ridden with loneliness and disconnection. On the collective level, there are lots of wounds that have accumulated in our history as a  society.

This can often mean that our experience as individuals, in this society, can feel lonesome and just lacking something. It also means we tend to carry on a cycle of hurt— of the “I’ve been wounded and can’t heal, so I’ll wound someone else in turn” type.

But, in the middle of our world, there are people who can be defined as empaths: folks who have an enhanced ability to connect with others emotionally.

You might have heard this term already: they’re like the superheroes of the world of feels.

But what, exactly, is an empath? And how can you know if you’re one of them?

The empath traits are related to being micro-tuned to feel things on a grander scale. They range from introversion and incredible intuition to attracting certain sorts of people.

They give you a special ability, special tools for healing, but (as with any tool) you need to learn to manage them so you don’t get hurt.

All empaths have great potential for doing lots of good: I’d say they’re exactly what our wounded world needs right now. So, do you see these qualities in yourself? Are you part of the empath crowd?

  1. Being (Extra) Sensitive

If you are, actually, an empath, this might come as a surprise: not everyone feels things as intensely as you do.

Not even talking about feelings, yet: empaths have more fine-tuned natural senses.

This means a lower tolerance for stimuli like spicy food, strong lights, or loud noises.

You might find yourself gravitating towards quieter, more muted spaces and situations just because, otherwise, you get overwhelmed and you get headaches.

  1. Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

This one might just be the most characteristic empath trait, and maybe the most misunderstood. What actually happens is that a person with this skill senses the energies around them more easily.

Physical proximity to other people triggers your empath sense into absorbing whatever emotions and physical sensations those people are experiencing.

If this is you and you are not trained in telling feelings apart and processing them, you might not know which emotions are yours and which belong to others.

If you are somewhere with lots of other people and you’re not protected, you would feel a ton of emotional energy flooding you.

  1. Getting Stressed Oh So Easily

In our wounded world, the emotions you, as an empath, end up absorbing, are often painful and filled with sadness or negative connotations.

If you’re in a crowd and start sensing amplified bouts of negative energy, you might find yourself getting quite stressed!

Intensified, unregulated and seemingly random emotions, coupled with heightened physical sensitivity, are the most stressful part of being an empath.

It’s important for your wellbeing to find ways to cope with this!

  1. Being An Introvert

Being in tune with your feelings leads to a deeper, richer relationship with yourself: there is a whole world to explore when you’re on your own! Social-emotional stressors can also cause you to need some more alone time.

People might perceive your introversion as a lack of interest in relationships, but nothing is further from the truth: you’re just protecting yourself and trying to maintain balance.

Being ubersocial is not a measure of success, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of yourself by handpicking what social situations you really want to be in.

  1. The Environment Matters

Cities, crowded areas downtown, and other high-strung places come with a big load of emotions and stimuli. Over time, this accumulation can be draining.

That’s why empaths tend to be found in quieter areas, usually in a natural setting! The cleaner energies of nature help cleanse your soul. Grounding and recharging are crucial for your inner health.

  1. Supercharged Sense Of Intuition

Intuition means being open and attentive to your “gut” feelings when it comes to perceiving and making decisions. Empaths can often sense information the Universe is conveying, someone’s soul history, or things they shouldn’t know or haven’t happened yet.

Also, an empath doesn’t need a lie detector: being so tuned into the emotional flow around them, they can perceive when someone is being dishonest. If you train this skill, it can be useful for protecting yourself!

  1. Attracting People In Need Of Healing

You are a natural healer for others’ emotional pain and history. By listening with true compassion and love, you are helping others through the maze of pain, and people want this gift that you have!

That’s why you might find yourself surrounded by wounded people (family, friends, lovers). While healing others is something you probably love to do, you need to pay attention: can you really help this person? Are they really your friend or are they just trying to take advantage?

Remember: you come first. You’ve got to set healthy boundaries.

  1. A Tendency To Pour Themselves Out

When you feel painful energy coming from those around you, you obviously want to make it better. But, while healing is a true gift, it can lead to an empath overworking themselves (emotionally, physically, etc.).

They might pay more attention to others’ feelings and healing than their own. By ignoring themselves, they are only working towards an emotional breakdown.

  1. Prone To Become Targets

Being loving, attractive emotional beacons, empaths attract their share of toxic or outright malicious people. Because, as an empath, you are highly compassionate, you tend to see only the best in people and forgive wrongs too easily.

Some negative individuals want to use this capacity for extra love and understanding to manipulate you to fulfill their own needs for validation.

  1. Deep Capability For Pure Love

Despite some of these traits seeming dangerous or overwhelming, being an empath is a true gift. You have the ability to establish deeply satisfying relationships and cultivate the sort of radical love that will save the world!

If you can say some (or even all) of these traits are present in your life, hey! You might just be an empath yourself. Alternatively, you might know someone who behaves in this way or even tells you about their rich inner life as an empath.

In either of those cases, knowing the characteristics of an empath is really important!


Well, if these are your own qualities, it never hurts to know yourself. This way, you are able to practice more self-love to take care of your needs in the best way possible.

Or, if your loved one is an empath, they’ll probably benefit from you understanding them better and supporting them in small specific ways (for example, ).

Stay Soft and Carry On

Every person is a gift for the world. Empaths are even more special, as they can provide the sort of healing change our wounded society needs right now.

But in order to do this, you need make self-care your top priority. You deserve love and respect— nothing less will do.

You should not be stuck in a relationship that makes you feel bad about yourself, or that doesn’t let you grow and use your gifts.

You deserve someone who can meet you on your level.

That means true vulnerability, true healing and true love.

17 thoughts on “10 Signs You Are A Highly Intuitive Empath

  1. MariAnne Rush says:

    Spot on….. as i’ve gotten older I have learned to avoid crowds when by myself. It’s overwhelming unless I have an anchor.

    • Rebecca Driver says:

      Wow, glad to hear someone else has the same problem! I’ve felt alone aboyt this for so long.

  2. Terri Lynn Milner says:

    Wow! I always new I felt everything more deeply than most people. I have two pregnant daughters and I actually take their sickness, headaches, heartburn, body aches etc. When I’m in the same room or just the same hoyse, I take it from them. They feel better and I feel the sickness or pain.

  3. Anndrea Weatherford says:

    Providing an explanation for people that have never had one is a beautiful thing. Giving peace to the healers. Giving them a touchstone, a place to learn & a community to call home. Well done.

  4. Verlinda Bernardi says:

    I was told I can heal sm things on people in need &can read want some people are thinking too.This one test is a good one.Thank u.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I am an empath, my daughter is a seer, my son is a healer. By whay you have shared I think you are more of a healer than an empath. You feel others pain and discomfort and take the pain away from those around you. This causes you to feel what they were experiencing and they feel better but you take it all for them. This can be very draining if you are intuned to your abilities but more draining if you are untrained to cope with the flood of pain. Physical touch will intensify this feeling. Be careful.

  6. Sandy says:

    Yes I feel all that plus I see and feel spirits and no when something is going to happen like when phones going to ring and who is on the phone before I answer just an example

  7. Doreen says:

    So glad I’m not alone. Hit everyone of them! It all makes much more sence now!? Thank you!

  8. Nina says:

    2/4/5/6/7/8/10. I’ve always known I have insight. I Sense things about people all the time, I dream things before they happen. I run into people just when they need someone, I drain my own energy when someone needs healing. People find me very easy to talk to and tell me very painful things, I myself do not open up to other people because it makes me feel so vulnerable that I get extreme anxiety. I also feel the energies of locations too, it’s eerie.

    • Priscilla Chase says:

      This is me to a tee! I am trying to find some way to learn how to open myself up to all this and remain healthy at the same time.

  9. Michelle says:

    I’m learning to embrace my gifts. Setting healthy boundaries is differently key .

  10. Jan Lura Cornaggia says:

    I have spent years going to the rheumatologist they all agreed something was wrong with me but never a real diagnosis I shut down stopped my feeling’s

  11. Holly Misztal says:

    This is a very nice article describing something I have been learning about myself. Enjoyed reading and I am glad their are others like me that I can relate with when going through. I am forty five. I was in my early twenties when I realized there was something off and I have spent some time working on what it is and how to protect myself. My first awareness was the ability to feel what another person was feeling and discerning that it was not my own. Changed my life for a very long time because people want to put other labels on and then dose you up with medications. I refused to numb who I am for the very reason that there truly is nothing wrong with walking through this life open and with love to offer. I just realized I was in certain friendships and relationships for the wrong reasons. Enabling would be one word to describe what an empath can become which is not something that is helpful and can be harmful to all involved. The key is finding the path that is meant for me. Finding tools and support and enriching the life that is given and making opportunity to make things better. I decided my gift will be used through helping foster children, and bringing them together with horses. Knowing the limits of what can be done and the boundaries that will need to be made. Thank you for exploring the world of Empaths.

  12. Lei Ann Stickney says:

    Thank you. This was a confirmation for me. Been this way my whole life.

  13. Julie Khouri says:

    I dream while asleep. But I’m aware I’m dreaming. I can see the pictures of my dreams. I’ve been able to manipulate my dreams too. I’ve also leave my body and see and feel things even though I’m still in bed. It’s fun and pretty cool. I thought everyone does this while they sleep. I’ve never talked about it when I was a kid, because I thought everyone does this… Also I’ve always been able to feel others emotions, I hate crowds for this reason. I like to help people when I can.. most people back away from me when I tell them things that come true.. I’m a misfit.

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