9 Reasons Why Being An Empath Is Actually A Wonderful Gift

Are you an Empath? Here’s why it’s an awesome gift

If you’re an empath, your experience of the world is not like the average person. You are highly sensitive to all the bustle going on around you, alone time is non-negotiable, and you can actually sense the emotions and energy of those around you as if it were your own.

All of this might sometimes feel like a burden. Why? Well, our society is full of negative patterns and feelings of hurt. That means that being (way) more sensitive than average and taking on other people’s emotions can be overwhelming.

Despite all this doom and gloom, being an empath is actually a gift. The drawbacks start to seem unimportant when you focus on the amazing positives empath-ness involves. But, to realize your strengths and all you have to offer, you need to be able to identify them!

Knowing yourself and the workings of your heart is the first step you can take towards empowerment! So, which are the main reasons being an empath means being gifted?


  1. All the heightened senses

Now, bear with me here. I know heightened sensitivity to stimuli is not always a great thing. For example, you might be going about your day and, suddenly, get “attacked” with loud sounds. Afterwards, you might feel stressed, drained, or like you just need to curl into a ball and sleep.

But, if you alter your perspective, this same sensitivity becomes an amazing chance to explore the world! Your more perceptive senses can take in the fine nuances of color and taste. You can become enveloped in the emotions imbued in music. A greater appreciation for the beauty of the world is a real talent, and it can help you navigate hard times.


  1. A rich inner world

Fact: empaths need alone time to balance all the energy input they get from other people. And from all that self-exploration comes a wild imagination and deep inner world!

At some point in your life as an empath, you’ll (probably) decide that enough’s enough: you want to divide your emotions from those of the rest of the world. This process of identifying your own feelings and working through them, as well as setting healthy boundaries, is a unique chance for self-development.


  1. A greater capacity for joy

From knowing yourself, being compassionate, and perceiving the beauty in the world comes the ability to be grateful as well as constantly inspired. Also, empaths can use their self-knowledge to achieve a state of zen in their inner being and in their relationships. If that’s not a recipe for joy, I don’t know what is!


  1. Good at making relationships work

Ask anyone with a background in counselling about what makes a relationship work, and they’ll say three things. Listening, forgiving, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Those skills are exactly the gift of the empath.

When you find people who can be positive and can meet you on your level of honesty and compassion, you’ve found the greatest treasure in the world! True love (and not just the romantic type) is everything.


  1. Can put others at ease

A fast-paced world focused on achievement and looks often causes social anxiety. Imagine being rejected, bullied, and wounded over and over— you probably wouldn’t want to interact much after that. Those people who you can tell are deeply uncomfortable at a party? As an empath, you can put them at ease.

When you tune in to the other person’s feelings and connect with them from a place of compassion, they feel seen. That makes it easier to meet new people and forge significant relationships. You never know what someone can teach you until they stop being uncomfortable with the interaction!


  1. Intuition (and cool inbuilt lie detector)

Perceiving energy as it moves around and through you does have its drawbacks (aka, being overwhelmed a lot of the time), but it also has perks. A receptive intuition is one of them. This “sixth sense” can allow you to sense stuff that’s not available to the average human: imminent danger, health issues in people you talk to, or a slight glimpse into the future. It also means you realise when someone is lying to you (and maybe even the reason why they’re acting that way).


  1. Learning and getting creative

Intuition, in general, is like an athlete that jumps over the hurdles of logical thought and arrives at the same (or an equally valid) destination. Now, everyone has it, but you know that, in empaths, it’s supercharged.

That means that the learning process is, for many empaths, also swifter! For example, you might find that you’re picking up a language at a much faster rate than your peers, or that you naturally know how to do something you haven’t been taught. Quite the bonus, if you ask me!


  1. The ability to heal the world’s wounds

As an empath, you feel the world’s pain and weariness. You feel the suffering of the people around you, and the pain we all inflict on each other. And, when you feel that, you really can’t voluntarily harm people anymore. I mean, if you hurt them, you’d be conscious of their pain and it’d hurt you too, right?

Even more: you probably have the ability to soothe and restore someone’s energy. This can happen through your voice, your touch, your words, or anything else you set your empathic heart and mind to. You can even pursue a fulfilling career as a healer!

That shift in attitude, that radical love, is exactly what our planet needs. When you listen and act compassionately with someone who is wounded, you are healing society one step at a time.

In a nutshell, if you are an empath and know how to tune and use your natural talents, you’ll find that you can do a whole lot of good! And not just in terms of helping others and making the world a better place, but also by creating a meaningful, deep life for yourself.

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  1. Tabetha says:

    Beautiful article. Very nice breakdown of actual reasons not just some abstract, could mean many things reasons. Refreshing

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