The Adrenal Health Quiz For Empaths - How Being An Empath Can Affect Adrenal Health

Our modern, urban world can be a convoluted place, ridden with loneliness and disconnection. On the collective level, there are lots of wounds that have accumulated in our history as a  society.

This can often mean that our experience as individuals, in this society, can feel lonesome and just lacking something.

It also means we tend to carry on a cycle of hurt— of the “I’ve been wounded and can’t heal, so I’ll wound someone else in turn” type.

But, in the middle of our world, there are people who can be defined as empaths: folks who have an enhanced ability to connect with others emotionally.

You might have heard this term already: they’re like the superheroes of the world of feels.

Now, being an Empath is undoubtedly a blessing, but it also comes with a greater need for self-care.

Sometimes being an Empath means being more sensitive to the world around us, feeling overwhelmed by crowds, or needing some alone time. 

But being an Empath does NOT mean feeling fatigued day in and day out…

Or constantly feeling overcome with anxiety and mood swings…

Or being unable to wake up feeling refreshed no matter how long we sleep.

When that happens, it’s a sign we need to look inwards to heal.

And frequently, adrenal health can be the culprit. 

Answer the 10 questions below and see how many you can identify with.

We advise anyone with 5 or more 'yes' answers to the health-related questions below to consult with their doctor to get an appropariate diagnosis.

- I frequently crave salty and/or sweet foods and snacks.

- I am highly sensitive to my surroundings or have had paranormal experiences in the past.

- I have trouble getting up in the morning.

- I am frequently cold.

- I tend to feel other people's emotions and energy on a deeper level.

- I feel especially tired in the mornings and afternoons between 3-5 PM.

- I tend to feel run down and stressed from simple daily activities.

- I have the feeling that I am really fatigued; a tiredness that is usually not relieved by sleep.

- I have many unexplained fears/anxieties.

- I usually need to lie down or rest after sessions of psychological or emotional pressure/stress.

How Being A ‘Super Absorber’ Wears Out the Adrenal Glands

For a long time, nobody knew why empaths suffer from stress and exhaustion more than most people. 

Yet breakthrough research by scientists from UCLA University and Monash University solved the mystery.

After analyzing the brains of highly sensitive people, they found that empaths have larger ‘empathy zones’.

In other words, they FEEL the energies and emotions in the world more than most folks.

This explains why empaths can feel headachy after a trip to the supermarket…
make excuses to go home early from a friend’s dinner party…
or feel drained after being around certain people.
It’s because they FEEL the world more than most people.
Feeling more of the world’s energies and emotions also has a downside. 

It means empaths are at higher risk of worn out adrenal glands.

This occurs when the adrenal glands struggle to manage the flow of stress signals from the brain.

Due to feeling emotions more than most people, the adrenals in empaths get bombarded with too many stress signals.

Over time, the adrenal glands get worn out.

The result is chronic exhaustion, overwhelm and having to find a quiet room to recover...

I'm Dr. Tara Michelle, and I'm a natural physician, educator and wellness weaver.

With over 20 years of experience in integrative healthcare settings, I am passionate about advancing integrative medicine through natural solutions and education for Empaths in particular.

Throughout my career, I've helped over a thousand Empaths suffering from low energy, mood swings, and more back to normal using nothing but the power of nature. 

During that time, I've identified the best, most powerful natural herbs - and their optimal ratios - that help support the adrenal glands to a calm and balanced state.

For empaths struggling with frequent stress, anxiety, nervousness or low energy…

Start with these 7 natural ingredients, and you’ll find:

- Lasting energy that helps you feel perky from morning until bedtime...

Deeper, more restful sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed when the alarm goes off...

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Stable, calm moods… maintain tranquility at all times!

Go to the next page to see what these 7 key ingredients are and how they can help support the adrenal glands and help you live the life you deserve!

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