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How To Clear Your Aura And Chakras As An Empath

Do you know that sensation of being stuck or clogged up for no apparent reason? Sometimes your mind and body feel drained, sluggish, or disconnected. You might feel confusion and static following you. These are all signs of blocked energy— an internal obstruction in your chakras or a dampening in your aura. What causes chakra […]

The 5 Best Balancing Foods for Sensitives

Cocoa Beans

The world today can often feel like a confusing, stressful mess. From information overload to global pandemics and widespread panic, it might seem like everything is coming at you all at once and there is nowhere you can hide from the confusion. If you’re a highly sensitive person (also known as HSP), these circumstances are […]

An Empath’s Guide To Refloxology

Could your social media profile read, ‘Feel tired often, reluctant to spend time with a lot of people and startled by loud noises but great memory, an appreciation for beautiful things, and seemingly unbounded empathy’? If your answer is yes, you could be a Highly Sensitive Person (and yeah, you can go ahead and paste […]

The Adrenal Health Test: How Being An Empath Can Lead To Adrenal Dysfunction

I’m Dr. Tara Michelle, and I’m a natural physician, educator, and wellness weaver.With over 20 years of experience in integrative healthcare settings, I am passionate about advancing integrative medicine through natural solutions and education for Empaths in particular.An empath is someone who can sense the emotional or physical energies around them as if they were […]

10 Signs You Are A Highly Intuitive Empath

The 10 Empath Traits— Are You One, Too? Have you ever felt an onslaught of emotion just by being near someone else? Or experienced feelings that come to you as from the outside instead of your own emotional process? If so, you might just have a special kind of sensitivity. Our modern, urban world can […]