Crystal Healing for Empaths: 7 Crystals to Heal Yourself

crystal healing for empaths

Everything is energy— that’s something empaths understand very well. After all, we sense the energy and emotions of whoever is around. By developing proper boundaries, we learn to control how and when this connection happens, as well as to protect ourselves from negative energy and drain.

But what happens after you’ve already been hurt by energies you unconsciously absorbed? You might feel depleted and exhausted, without the energy to spend on your own path. Perhaps you’ve already closed that boundary but are still dealing with the effects in your own heart and mind.

If everything is energy, though, that means you can draw on positive energy from the outside world to heal and replenish yourself.

And where do you find holistic, unlimited, completely natural sources of positive energy? Of course, in crystals, the deep and lovely fruits of the earth.

Here, we’ll take a look at 7 different crystals you can use to heal and protect yourself. Then, we will explore a simple crystal ritual you can perform every day to align your energy and shield it before going out to face the world.

You’ve got this. Let’s explore how to deepen the healing!

7 Best Healing Crystals for Empaths

Why is crystal healing a thing? Healing can happen in many forms, and its allies can be, really, anything. You might heal through herbs, mind-body practices like yoga, other creatures and people, or even just by yourself.

Crystals, as a condensation of the earth element in Nature, are a very special ally to promote spiritual and physical balance. In the first place, all crystals work as instant grounding, anchoring you to the ground they came from. Secondly, crystals are defined by their molecular structures which grow in a distinct pattern— causing vibrations to be absorbed and transmuted into different frequencies. This is what gives each crystal its unique properties and healing uses.

Despite their potent transformative qualities—  just like with any other natural healing method— healing yourself with crystals takes time and dedication to attune your energy to the one in the crystal. It should never replace conventional medicine!

Let’s get on with it, then. Which crystals are good for the main healing needs of empaths— that is, protection from external energies, help with balancing and processing vibrations, and (of course!) grounding.

1. Black Obsidian.

This powerful stone forms from molten lava as it cools in rocky formations against the air. Also called volcanic glass, obsidian can show many colors, with the black one being the most protective.

What it does: This stone works to connect your lower (base) chakra with the energies of the earth. In other words, grounding. It anchors your entire energetic system, making you able to deflect any negative or unwanted energies that come your way.

At its core, the protection of black obsidian isn’t of the shielding type. Instead, it is all about passing on the external energy directly to the earth, neutralizing it. The crystal allows you to tap into your ancestor’s world and ask for their energy to protect yours. It also cleanses any negative vibrations you were already carrying.

How to use it: You can carry a stone or pendant of black obsidian with you to constantly shield yourself and deflect clinging energy. This is especially useful if you’re going into tense situations or plan on performing psychic work with others.

In meditation, use obsidian to focus on the base chakra. You can lie on your back and place it on your lower belly, visualizing its radiation sinking into your body. This works to let go of vibrational attachments and heal past wounds that are still tying you down.

To cleanse obsidian, smoke them with rosemary or leave them on the windowsill under a new moon. And remember that this is a powerful stone— it can produce a detachment of energetic cords that might feel overwhelming at first.

2.  Lepidolite.

This lilac-grey crystal is dense in lithium and formed by countless sheets of minerals that interweave intricately. It’s a type of mica crystal, which means it has reflective, naturally shiny surfaces.

What it does: The maze-like crystal net of lepidolite filters out energy, sifting through it to keep the vibrations that belong to you and let go of the vibrations and feelings of others. This prevents the entanglement of emotions that often drains empaths (if we don’t lay down boundaries).

Besides this purifying action, the crystal itself also radiates soothing and relaxing vibrations. The effect of this is very handy for empaths, as it protects you in high-strung, crowded environments. It’s a good idea to work with Lepidolite as a meditative focus to calm yourself in stressful situations.

How to use it: You can carry Lepidolite with you as a stone or a jewelry piece. When you find yourself in an environment that makes you scared, anxious, or overwhelmed, hold the crystal and focus on it.

Visualize the energy that’s coursing through you as your attention directs it into the stone. Imagine the layers of the stone keeping your own, bright vibrations. See them sending others’ vibrations back to their source. Breathe deep— you are safe.

3. Malachite. 

This crystal is a secondary copper ore, which means that it’s formed when copper meets and interacts with other minerals. It has been worn as an ornament for thousands of years, and ancient civilizations believed it had protective properties.

What it does: Malachite brings emotional patterns, blockages, and currents into the open. This can be painful and require attention to the process, but it serves a purpose: resolving energetic issues that burden you so you can be free to live as your Higher Self. This crystal will free you from pollution and cleanse the space of the heart. Get ready to have feelings!

How to use it: Malachite is a stone you have to use in small doses. Why is that? Well, you really can’t describe just how emotional this stone is. And, besides, it contains so much copper that it could be toxic to humans if in constant contact with the skin.

The best way to use it is as a fixed feature in your sacred space. Perhaps a polished obelisk or sphere, as its labyrinthine patterns make it ideal for intense meditative focus. Consider having a daily ritual to align and clear your energy by meditating with the vibration of the stone.

It’s important to cleanse Malachite often, as it stores the energy it removes from you. It’s best to smoke cleanse it with juniper, rosemary, or pine.

4.  Lapis Lazuli.

If you’ve seen the beauty of Lapis Lazuli, you definitely won’t forget it! This bright stone boasts an intense blue color, sometimes with yellow or white streaks. It’s a very spiritual stone and has been found as an offering in tombs as ancient as Neolithic times.

What it does: This crystal is linked to the throat chakra and, thus, to speaking your own truth fearlessly. Its energy also aligns with the third eye chakra, deepening your abilities to perceive people or situations both objectively and accurately.

As an empath, this can help you set better boundaries to protect your vibrations, as well as shielding and repairing a damaged energy field.

How to use it: Arguably, the most effective way to use Lapis Lazuli is as a necklace or pendant, wrapped around your throat to encourage truthfulness and protection of your energy centers.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a lovely, fairy-like variety of Quartz, the most neutral and multifaceted of crystals. This pink version forms quite often and, occasionally, it does so in incredible geodes.

What it does: This is a crystal for deep inner work and a gentle purging of the heart. It balances your emotions, helping you release them— perhaps even in the shape of copious tears. It’s a good ally for self-care and self-love practices, as it allows you to perceive your reality with a pure, compassionate heart. Great for exhausted, often hurt empaths!

How to use it: Wear Rose Quartz as jewelry to create your own space of joy and alignment wherever you go. Keep it close to the heart to make its soothing effect stronger.

Meditate with a piece of Rose Quartz over your heart to develop a compassion meditation (like Metta in the Buddhist tradition). Focus on allowing the nurturing energy of the stone flow into your heart and, then, out in all directions.

When ending the meditation, draw all the energy back into your heart, closing all external connections and reinforcing the boundaries around your own vibration field. This helps you practice healthy, compassionate boundaries with the people you love.

6. Hematite.

This crystal derives from iron and looks quite rough when in its natural state. When polished, it takes on a reflective, mirror-like sheen that magnifies its properties.

What it does: Hematite is both a shield and an anchor. It repels unwanted energies from the outside world while also grounding you into the earth so you can access Nature’s soothing energy. This is a powerful crystal that you can use to create a sheltered area either around your body or in your home.

How to use it: Get Hematite jewelry, like earrings or a bracelet, to reflect negative and draining energies back to where they came from. You can also focus on the crystal when you need to ground yourself in a stressful environment.

As we said above, you can also use Hematite to protect your home base from energetic intrusions and create the best space for your healing journey. Try hanging small, polished hematite pieces above the doorway and windows and infuse them with your intentions to create a shield.

7. Amethyst.

No other crystal is as otherworldly and eye-popping as Amethyst. This precious stone is most often purple, sometimes veering towards a pinkish or a deeper violet tone. All its varieties have been valued by many peoples of the Ancient World, and it was used by medieval soldiers for its protective qualities.

What it does: Amethyst has an exceptionally high vibration frequency, meaning that it’s attuned to your own higher, more spiritual Self. It purifies your energetic field and boosts your natural empath intuition. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on the more spiritual aspects of your healing journey and make decisions that are aligned with it.

How to use it: Keep an Amethyst stone or geode in the center of your sacred space, in order to direct all the positive energy to your spiritual growth. You can also use Amethyst as a shield for your area of mental work or meditation, as its high vibration will purify the space and keep you focused.

In a more personal way, you can carry an Amethyst pendant to find peace in your own inner shelter, even in tough situations. It’s also a good idea to place an Amethyst under your pillow at night— this will help you rest and recuperate with restorative dreams.

Crystal Healing Ritual— Heal your empath heart.

This is a simple ritual to help you align your internal energy and protect yourself from external, intrusive, or negative energies. You can practice it in the morning, before going out, or whenever you need a moment to take care of yourself and rest.

Make sure you’re in a quiet place and that nothing will disturb you. Get your favorite grounding or shielding crystal (we love Hematite) and another crystal for aligning and healing your heart (our fave is Rose Quartz). If you feel like treating yourself, put on some relaxing music or light a white candle to raise the vibrations.

Lie down to meditate, placing the grounding crystal on your lower belly, at the center of your hips. Then, rest the heart-healing crystal (you guessed it!) over your heart. Breathe deep and focus on extending both inhalations and exhalations.

Visualize the incoming air as it flows down through your body, flooding you with bright, cleansing light. First, this light goes through the protective, grounding stone in your hip area and extends its roots into the earth.

As you breathe out, the air and the light flow up and out, passing through the stone at your heart and projecting outwards into your energetic shield. Repeat the breath cycle and the visualization for five minutes.

When you want to return to the material plane, start by letting your breathing pattern return to normal. Then, move your arms and legs. Finally, open your eyes and remove the stones. You’re aligned, shielded, and ready to live your own life!

Stay soft.

Living in this harsh world as an empath is no easy feat— you will constantly encounter situations and people that, consciously or unconsciously, try to take over your energy. You will always find scenarios that try your compassionate nature and, potentially, drain you.

But also, you’ll always have healing crystals to protect you, heal your heart, and align your path with your Higher Self and your deep spiritual journey. Build healthy boundaries, not isolating walls. Choose to stay soft and compassionate where the world would make you hardened. Above everything— stay yourself.

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