Discover How Places of Power Will CHANGE Your Life

For as long as humans have acknowledged the presence of energies greater than ourselves, we have been sensing those energies at special sacred spots. All around the globe, pagans and others have gathered at these places of power to feel the elemental energies of the earth and to come closer to the divine.

At these places, the air itself feels somehow rarified and exalted. The animals and plants feel imbued with sacred energies, and the land- Mother Earth herself – vibrates and hums with quiet power.

When you find of these places, you can feel it. The energy of the living world courses through the rock and soil beneath your feet. Trees hum in harmony with the human spirit, and everything feels at peace.

Enter softly into these places. You are among the gods.

A power place does not depend upon human recognition to exist. Places don’t gain power from the building of temples or the raising of monuments – although over the centuries, this is how they were marked. They simply are.


So, what is a power place, anyway?

Imagine the globe. Now imagine lines of spiritual power encircling it. These lines, call ley lines, spread in all directions like the veins in a leaf.

All along these lines, sacred places and ancient monuments stand, and it’s said that if you can draw a straight line from one sacred spot to another, you have just drawn the location of a ley line. In places, the lines intersect, and this is where power places come into being.

Ley lines are the energetic circulatory system of the world. Like rivers of energy, they flow to all corners of creation, empowering and interconnecting the planet and all of its inhabitants.

People who are sensitive to energy, like shamans and psychics, can sense the passage of ley lines, and some can even trace the ley lines as they flow. Our ancestors found these lines and the places where they crossed.

Those intersections are energized by all of the lines that pass through – if one line is powerful, then two are twice as strong. Intersections exist by their millions, and they can range in power from a very minor tingling buzz to a nerve-firing hum.

Tiny ley lines cross with other tiny ley lines for one level of power, and bigger lines cross bigger lines for greater effect, which stands to reason. Rivulets, streams and raging rivers all have their energetic equivalents in the spirit of the world.

Now imagine that more than two lines cross at the same point. The energies are, naturally, elevated there. Wherever three or more ley lines cross, a node is formed. Where nodes exist, places of power are born.

Ancients felt the power in the greatest of nodes, and they marked these magical places. The first temples were raised on top of nodes. Holy sites and sacred gathering places of all kinds were built at these lay line confluences. Earth energies are amplified, and in turn they amplify the energies of human prayers and rituals.

Our mother witches found their spells more powerful if they were cast at these locations. Ancient healers could channel more positive healing energy in these spots. How could humanity help but honor these places, the pulse points of the Mother?

One of the most famous power places is Stonehenge. This ancient stone circle was built by ancient Britons thousands of years ago, and it is acknowledged by almost all pagans as being a place of great energy.

It’s said that there are fourteen major ley lines that intersect here, making Stonehenge not just a power place, but a power vortex. Some say that the power is so great that the stones mark a portal to the spirit world, or to the world of the Fae.

Stonehenge stands on a straight line that connects it to the ancient hill fort called Old Sarum, as well as to the stone circle at Avebury. There are several sacred sites and places of power connected along this one line, which is called St. Michael’s Ley.

Other ley lines connect other places of power which have ancient roots overlaid with Christian churches and tales. There is a ley line called St. Michael’s Sword that runs from Skellig Michael in Ireland through St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, Mont Saint-Michel in France, the Sacra di San Michele in the Piedmont area of Italy, the Santuario di San Michele Archangelo in Puglia (Italy) and the monastery at Symi before it ends in Haifa, Israel at the Mount Carmel Monastery.

The story goes that St. Michael the Archangel appeared at all of those places, and that the line represents the sword he used to force the devil into Hell.

I don’t know about archangels, and as a Wiccan, I don’t believe in Hell or in the devil. I do, however, believe in energy, and I know that if an apparition of some elder spirit is going to take shape, a ley line node or power place is exactly the right place to do it.

There are places of power all around the world. Taos, New Mexico, which has a thriving New Age community, is situated over a ley line node and is one of the most spiritually potent places on earth. Macchu Picchu and the Nazca Lines, both in Peru, stand on ley lines and are power places of great strength.

Ley lines are also associated with UFO sightings and paranormal activity like poltergeists and apparitions. This is all a consequence of the energy that these nodes give off, and a testament to the power of these places.


Finding a Power Place

It’s possible to find ley lines near you and to identify any nodes in your vicinity. There are two ways to do this: sensing and dowsing.

To sense a ley node, you must start from a place of peace. Be still within your own mind and heart. Sit on the ground (the floor of your apartment will do) and imagine your personal energy. It should be a bright glow in your solar plexus.

Close your eyes and focus on that energy. You should be able to feel its warmth, or a tingle in the pit of your stomach. Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Breathe with your diaphragm, if you can, to get deep, calming breaths. This is the start of meditation and will elevate your consciousness to a spiritual level where you will more easily identify and interact with earth energies and with spirit.

Imagine the glow in the pit of your stomach growing, its light reaching out until you are surrounded in a halo. In your mind’s eye, see the shape and size of it, the color of it, and its nature – whether it throbs or sparks, or if it’s calm and serene. This is your aura.

Don’t worry if you can’t see it. Not everyone can. This is more about feeling, anyway.

Take the energy in your aura and extend it outward, a sphere of light and your personal power surrounding you and keeping you safe. If you were the starship Enterprise, these would be your shields, and this is a good technique to use whenever you feel beset with negativity from other people. Protect yourself.

Extend a root from your body’s aura into the ground beneath you. Send it all the way down to the deepest level of the earth, and on its journey, it will encounter the rushing energy of the world. Ley lines will call to you now, and you will be able to sense without thinking exactly where the nearest line is.

Your energy will be tugged toward the ley line – not in a dangerous way – and you will be able to psychically follow the line wherever it goes.

From your safe cocoon, you will be able to see the lines, where they are and how they move. You will be able to sense whether these lines are thin or thick, weak or strong – the capillaries or arteries of the earth.

If you’re able to keep your sense of the line without losing your sense of real space, then it’s possible to follow the line while you’re walking. Ley lines are much thicker than any human path, and you can walk along them. You will feel the power tingling through the bottoms of your feet and echoing all the way up to your head. Connect with these lines, and you connect with the power of the earth.

Another way to locate and follow ley lines is by dowsing. Dowsing is an ancient form of divination, also called water witching, because it can be used to find underground water sources, gravesites, and ore deposits. Dowsing rods can be made out of bent wires, or, as they were in the beginning, from a forked stick.

The ends of the fork or the wires are held loosely, one in each hand, pointing straight out in front of the user. As the dowser, or diviner, walks, the stick or rods will respond to the item or items that the dowser is seeking. A forked stick will bow and wires will spin until they cross. This is the signal that what was being sought has been found.

I have seen dowsing rods work. They are amazingly simple to use, but still amazingly effective. I have a friend who is an expert dowser, from a family with a history of water witchery on her father’s side. Her rods spin like dervishes when they encounter spirit energies, and she can use them to communicate with unseen forces.

If the rods spin to both point left, that means one thing. If they both point right, that means something else. Crossing is always the sign of “I found it” or “yes” in answer to a question. She used her dowsing rods in a haunted house that was built on top of a ley line, and the power was so great that the wires were quickly spinning in complete circles and in opposite directions.

Dowsing can be used to find ley lines. Hold the dowsing rods in front of your chest with your arms relaxed and your hands gentle. Walk forward and express to the Universe, or your spirit guides, or to the Goddess, what you want to find. As you walk, the rod will tremble and move.

Don’t try to stop them – this is what they’re meant to do. Let them react naturally to the energies around them and you. When you reach the ley line, the rods will indicate their “yes” signal, and you will know that you found it. The rods will continue to point you long the way the ley line runs, and if you deviate from the path, they will turn to point the way back.

There are power places in every country. Often, these are spots where people have built places of worship. In Europe, Roman and Greek temples were erected on power places, which were then razed and replaced by Christian churches. In other places, the monuments were just too great, or the places were natural spaces, and they could not be obscured by later human hands.

One of these amazing places is the Giza Plateau in Egypt, where the three pyramids sit in alignment with the stars.  The pyramid shape is believed to be a condenser of energy, and the Great Pyramid itself in particular was said to be the home of a great Akashic Hall of Records, as envisaged by the psychic Edgar Cayce. The Great Pyramid is set atop a powerful ley line node.

Not all power places are marked by man-made structures. Some are just too grand to be contended with in such a way. The Grand Canyon, Mount Shasta, Mount Fuji and the plain of the Nazca Lines are all places of deep spiritual power and spending just a little time there can often refill your own energy reserves and return you to a place of peace.

Lastly, power places don’t always have to be on a grand scale with dozens of lines and a ley node as big as the moon. They can be private and personal, too. Everyone has one spot that they love – a favorite fishing hole, a particular tree, or a corner of a certain meadow.

These are usually spots that we came upon in childhood, places where we could go to be alone and recharge. In your mind’s eye, you probably have an image of the perfect place for your soul, be it a forest or a mountain or a chair in the corner of a library heavy with age.  You can find those little places, places that feel to be meant for you and you alone, by using either the sensing or the dowsing method.

When I was a child, we lived next door to an apple orchard. There was a field behind our house, part of the orchard that had been left fallow and had been subsumed by crabapples and native plants. I found a crabapple tree that was intertwined with a chokecherry bush, and the limbs of the two plants formed a sort of curtain.

There was a place beneath the curve of this curtain of green where deer would rest, and sometimes you could find places where they’d pushed down the grass and left an imprint of their bodies.

I called that space behind the leaves my “grotto”, and it was my secret power place. I was raised Catholic, so I smuggled a small statuette of the Virgin Mary – a glow-in-the-dark one, no less – out to my grotto, where I left offerings of flowers and berries at her feet.  (Not very Catholic – that’s actually a very Pagan thing to do.)  I would tell her my troubles and I always felt her nearby. I drew strength from her presence, and I felt loved and secure in my power place in ways I didn’t feel anywhere else.

I encountered that feeling years later the first time I attended a sabbat celebration, and I recognized her instantly as the Goddess. Even now, when I meditate in search of peace of mind, I find myself going back to that green, shady and fragrant little space, and I’m renewed.

I strongly encourage you to find power places near you.  You can find lists of power places and sacred sits on line, and there are literally hundreds of them. At least once, everyone should feel the power of the ley lines and touch the spirit of the living world.

You will never be the same.

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