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Authentic and Caring Empath

You often feel an onslaught of emotion just by being near someone else, or experience feelings that come to you as from the outside instead of your own emotional process.

Our modern, urban world can be a convoluted place, ridden with loneliness and disconnection. On the collective level, there are lots of wounds that have accumulated in our history as a  society.

This can often mean that our experience as individuals, in this society, can feel lonesome and just lacking something. It also means we tend to carry on a cycle of hurt— of the “I’ve been wounded and can’t heal, so I’ll wound someone else in turn” type.

But, in the middle of our world, there are people who can be defined as empaths: folks who have an enhanced ability to connect with others emotionally.

Your empath traits are related to being micro-tuned to feel things on a grander scale. They range from introversion and incredible intuition to attracting certain sorts of people.

They give you a special ability, special tools for healing, but (as with any tool) you need to learn to manage them so you don’t get hurt.

Empaths are the healers of our world. The traits that define them are overwhelmingly positive: a deep sense of compassion, the ability to easily tune into other people’s emotions and develop meaningful relationships, a knack for appreciating the world around them with heightened senses.

You tend to see situations (as well as other folks) in a compassionate, loving light. As they sense energy with ease, they are natural healers, and people tend to gravitate towards their good vibes.

Now, Here’s The Truth…Being a highly intuitive Empath is a truly exceptional gift, your intuitive perceptions and abilities give you so much strength. But they may also cause suffering…Empaths are sensitive souls, and we tend to take on an overload of emotional stress and energy on a daily basis due to our compassionate nature.

In fact, many empaths are so tired of the emotional strain that they have developed a serious health problem: adrenal fatigue.The Mayoclinic defines adrenal fatigue syndrome as, “a term applied to a collection of nonspecific symptoms, such as body aches, fatigue, nervousness, sleep disturbances and sometimes digestive problems.”

This can be caused by having a variety of emotional responsibilities, simply being extra sensitive to surroundings and also because we profusely leak our energy when we do not remain grounded, balanced, and maybe most importantly, NOT take care of ourselves.

Long-term, not dealing with adrenal fatigue, might result in health-deteriorating effects. These can be both physical and mental.Here’s the deal:Your gifts are truly out of this world, and we need them now more than ever. But in order to guide and help others in need, you must be able to bring balance and take care of yourself first. Taking the short adrenal health test below is the first step in doing so.Especially If you’ve been experiencing feelings of chronic fatigue, you should make sure to click on the link below to find out your own result right now, it’ll take you less than 2 minutes!