Why Empaths Are More Likely To Experience Daily Exhaustion


Empaths have an innate gift for sensing the moods, thoughts, and feelings of others, like a true energy alchemist.

They are capable of soothing and healing wounds, tend to see the best in people, and often find themselves having profound spiritual and intuitive experiences — with animals, nature, or an inner guide.

Being an Empath is undoubtedly a blessing, but it also comes with a greater need for self-care.

Sometimes being an Empath means being more sensitive to the world around us, feeling overwhelmed by crowds, or needing some alone time.

But being an Empath does NOT mean feeling fatigued day in and day out…

Or constantly feeling overcome with anxiety and mood swings…

Or being unable to wake up feeling refreshed no matter how long we sleep.

When that happens, it’s a sign we need to look inwards to heal. And in many cases, dysfunctioning adrenal glands can be the culprit. 

Our adrenals produce cortisol – aka The Stress Hormone. Not only is it keenly related to our emotional state, it also has a direct impact on the neurophysiology of brain regions that process emotion.(1)

And it’s not just cortisol. The adrenals are a hormone-filled powerhouse responsible for regulating our metabolism, too!

If they’re not working right, it can spell trouble for many different processes in the body.

This is why for many people, using adrenal-stimulating energy drinks and caffeine to combat fatigue caused by adrenal distress just makes things worse.

In other words, healthy adrenal glands are crucial to stay happy and healthy – especially for  Empaths!

With a higher sensitivity to our surroundings, we need to give some love and support to our hardworking adrenals.

So when we feel burdened with nervousness, exhaustion, or even digestive problems – no matter how serene our surroundings or how generous our self-love routine…

Looking at our adrenal health is vital if we want to properly heal!

Now, the bad news is that proper adrenal health is a grossly neglected topic. 

The good news is, true adrenal health is understood by a good number of natural physicians.

And one of those physicians, Dr. Tara Michelle, has taken an Empath-specific approach to her practice.


For over 20 years, Dr. Michelle has helped over 3,000 Empaths suffering from low energy, mood swings, and anxiety heal back to normal using nothing but the power of nature. 

Now here’s the good news…

If you want to help support your energy, stress, and mood levels…

There’s actually a very simple step that can help.

Specifically, scientists have now identified the 7 ingredients that can help maintain healthy adrenals…

And they are 100% natural and very inexpensive.

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Once you start using these ingredients…

You’ll notice how quickly you’re able to support LASTING ENERGY levels…

How much better you sleep…

How they’ll help you stay mentally sharp…

And how stable your mood is each day.

So if you’ve wanted to feel at your best, and start living the life you deserve…

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 (1) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/30864445_The_Effects_of_Cortisol_on_Emotion

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