How The Full Moon Affects Your Energy and Emotions As An Empath

The Empath and the Moon— A full moon self-care guide for empaths

It’s midnight. In the deep forest, a startled deer jumps over a dark, babbling stream. The Full Moon rises over Ancient Greece as Artemis, goddess of the wild woods and the Moon, leads all the animals in their sacred monthly dance.

The Moon— especially at her fullest and brightest— has always been a thing of magic all over the world. In Egypt, the lioness goddess Bastet was called ‘eye of the moon’. In the volcano islands of Hawaii, Mahina, goddess of the Moon, dances over the ocean.

For the Germanic pagans, the Moon is a god, Máni, who marks the passage of time and the cycles of nature. The folk magic traditions of Europe, strong in the deep countryside and making an exciting comeback today, also have important things to say about the Moon. For example, it teaches that most mammals are fertile in the full moon. Also, it’s the moon cycles in the farming calendar that lets farmers know when to plant and when to harvest. 

What’s more— modern Western science has proven what every sailor already knew. That is, that the ocean’s tides are ruled by the movement of this satellite around the Earth.

Eternal ebb and flow, these natural cycles are also reflected in human bodies and emotions. The problem is that most people aren’t sensitive or introspective enough to realise. And that’s all right!

But then, there are empaths: a particular type of sensitive person that is more affected by energies, as well as more aware of them.

Anatomy of an empath.

First of all— Are you an empath?

Empaths are defined by one simple fact: they can feel the emotions and energy of the people around them.

Being an empath has some big upsides: you can read people easily and you have a powerful intuition that doesn’t let you down. It’s easy for you to be compassionate because you truly understand what is going on in the other person’s inner motives. Because of this, your relationships tend to be very deep and intense; and other people find your presence like a calming balm.

However, there are also aspects of being an empath that aren’t easy to handle. Sometimes, the energies you absorb from your environment can be overwhelming (especially in very crowded or conflictive spaces) and hard to distinguish from your own. You might find that people don’t always value you and that they might take advantage of your care and compassion.

If you’re an empath, these disadvantages of the trait might have you thinking, ‘I don’t want this’. It can be exhausting and upsetting to be so influenced by the outer world. Also, if you don’t have good boundaries and your own emotions get confused with those of others, you might even suffer burnout.

And, unfortunately, it can all make you get reclusive and try to shut down your sensitive heart.

But don’t despair! You have an incredible talent that’s super necessary in the world today. Our societies, which place a heavy accent on competition and productivity, tend to forget about human feelings. Most people feel lonely, detached from their own inner world, and starved for meaningful connections with others.

Empaths have the power to heal these problems. Our intuition and compassion can teach non-empaths to understand their own emotional life (and its wounds) and develop deeper, healthier relationships.

However, this depends on how healthy your energy is as an empath. To protect your energetic body and your sweet heart from burnout and unnecessary pain, you first have to understand the influences that are pulling on you.

A connection: Empaths and the Moon.

One of the most important relationships an empath can have is with the Moon. We’ve already explained how our oh-so-romantic satellite affects the natural world, including human bodies (we’re 70% water, folks!).

But what does it have to do with empaths and emotions?

The Moon has a special frequency of energy that, as Astro lovers will know, is linked to the element of water: the flow of feeling and emotion, the deep dive into the rich subconscious mind, and the guidance of your intuition.

The different phases of the Moon have different effects and, because Empaths are so aware of inner and outer energies, they sense these changes more deeply.

How does the Full Moon affect empaths?

The Full phase of the Moon is the brightest and, perhaps, the most powerful. For most people, this is a time to act, to take stock, and to release. More witchy folks will charge their crystals and supercharge their spells with the Full Moon’s energy of completion.

We empaths, being more sensitive, will feel all the feels bubbling to the surface and asking for our attention. The potent Full Moon vibes make us even more sensitive, intuitive, and aware of the energies around us than usual.

This means that we should focus on self-care during this time, instead of going out to party or taking action in the external world.

Full Moon self-care for empaths

These Full Moon self-care practices and rituals are a tool to deepen your connection to yourself. To look after yourself. To own your own energety field instead of allowing any stray vibes to come through.

You don’t need to follow all of these to the letter— just try out whatever your inner voice suggests. As you practice and create a Full Moon ritual for yourself, you’ll find what really works for you. And, in that journey, you’ll meet your own true power.

1. Crystals for self-love.

In another article, we explored how empaths can use crystals to heal themselves and their energy fields. Essentially, crystals are powerful receptacles and amplifiers for energetic vibrations— and each crystal has its own ‘flavor’. 

During the Full Moon, you should work with crystals that promote self-love and rest. It’s time to let yourself know that you’ve got your own back.

The best crystals to work with to cultivate tender self-care during the Full Moon phase are:
Rose Quartz: The gentlest way to work on your self-love, Rose Quartz, is a lovely light pink stone you can wear as jewelry on the days of the Full Moon. It’ll restore a more authentic, vital approach to your own emotions and help you let go of external energy you’re holding onto.

Amethyst: This lilac crystal channels the energy of the Full Moon to align your intuition and energetic field with the Higher version of your Self. If you keep a piece in your room, it’ll help you rest and stay protected inside your own high-vibration space. Good for the Full Moon, meaning you get the best conditions to release and recover in this charged time.

Malachite: More of a heavy hitter, Malachite is a tool to work on releasing stagnant and ‘stuck’ energies— and should be used with caution. Together with the watery, mamma-Ocean vibe of the Moon, this crystal cleanses and protects your heart. Use it as a meditation focus or small altar decoration.

2. Work with plant allies.

As you know, plants resonate strongly to the energy cycles of the Moon, attuning their growth to her. If you work with herbal allies during your Full Moon days, they’ll support you through any upheaval you might be going through.

You can use:

  • Jasmine— It’s the flower of peace, prosperity, and love. What else could you wish for in a Full Moon plant ally? Wear or burn jasmine essential oil, or drink jasmine infusion with green tea. In all cases, infuse the flower with loving intentions before using it.
  • Frankincense and juniper— Two aromatic herbs you can bundle up and burn to cleanse your space of negative vibes. You’ll create a space to care for yourself in peace, working to let go and grow.
  • Cardamom— This spicy-sweet ally is great for enhancing your intuition and softening the energy that feels harsh or blocked. It makes a great addition to loose leaf black tea!

Remember that plant allies are living beings that hold energy and intention. It’s a good idea to talk to your plants before you cut them or consume them, asking them to help align your energy and restore your soul.

3. Cultivate gentle movement.

At this time, your body might feel tired because of all the stuck energy and old attachments rising to the surface. During the Full Moon, many people say that they don’t sleep well at night. In an uber-sensitive empath, this can be amplified.

Moving your body in ways that feel supportive can help you relax and sleep better, regulating your inner biological clock. Conscious movement also works to align the energy in your body, purging what needs to go and keeping your true, deep feelings.

No movement practice is right for everyone— you have to find what works for you and stick to practicing regularly. Some popular restorative and gentle practices involve yoga (especially of the calming type, like yoga nidra), stretching, inner martial arts like tai chi chuan and qigong, and embodiment dance.

4. Release stagnant emotional energy.

The Full Moon, as we said, brings all the deep stuff to the surface. This might be old wounds and attachments you thought you were well and over with, troubling emotions you don’t want to deal with, or the dawning realisation that you need to make changes in your relationships to make them healthier.

It can all take a toll. Many empaths complain about feeling emotionally restless during this lunar phase. And it makes sense— it’s all those churning waves of energy building up inside! Getting them out of your system (at least for a little bit) will certainly help you process the energy of the Full Moon. By creating an opening to let everything out, you’re relieving the inner pressure and making room for new growth.

The best way to do this is by cultivating a journaling practice. It doesn’t have to be a daily habit— you can only journal when you feel the need for extra expression. And even then, you don’t need to make a big deal out of it.

Just grab a piece of paper and start writing everything that crosses your mind at the moment, letting your thoughts and words flow without trying to direct them. The more relaxed you are, the better the unsettled energy will pour out, and the more interesting your conclusions will be.

5. Have your own Full Moon ritual.

You can combine the practices we went through above or, to connect with the releasing and healing energy of the Full Moon, work with the element of water.

If you can get yourself to the ocean, lucky you! But if you can’t go swimming for a dose of Full Moon water magic, just give your bathtub or shower some love.

Light a candle or two, put on your most relaxing music, and say a blessing or prayer over your bathwater. For example, ‘I bless this Moon water so it may bless me’. You can add a few herbs or water-safe crystals to power up the effects.

Sink into the water and let everything float and go.

Working with the Moon as an empath.

In this complete Full Moon guide for empaths, we focused on self-care to help you release emotional wounds or attachments and restore balance in your energy. But to think of the Moon as a dangerous or upsetting influence wouldn’t be quite right— all its lunar power is on your side!

You only need to be willing to work with Her, as she will bring up all those pesky old emotions and unhealthy attachments you haven’t faced yet. In truth, Full Moon work is a collaboration: with the tidal energy of the Moon at its most potent, everything comes ashore like white-bleached driftwood. The Moon herself can help you sift through these watery treasures and decide what energies you want to keep in the new cycle, as well as what you are ready to let go.

As an empath, the Moon loves you. You are deeply attuned to her energy, so don’t be afraid. Instead, focus on holding yourself with care and nourishing your inner being as you go about all the deep work. Hold tight and take a deep breath— this is only meant for you to grow and bloom.

21 thoughts on “How The Full Moon Affects Your Energy and Emotions As An Empath

  1. Harpal says:

    Thanks for the nice information and suggestions which are going to help me

  2. Joan says:

    The few days before a full moon I break down and cry, cry, cry. I don’t become hysterical, but I let out a lot of emotions that I feel are directed towards me. And they aren’t nice. I am also empath. I just stayed in at home until 2 days after full moon this week. What is going on.

    • TTotalTeacher xoxo says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and to share. This has full
      Moon has wiped me out and I am an empath teacher. I cried in front of a class for the first time ever and they didn’t even do anything wrong! Run yourself a nice bath and self care in whatever way restores xoxo

    • Laura says:

      Try some grounding take a nice Epsom salt bath with lavender and just relax and let yourself flow with the emotions it is perfectly normal and I understand that the phases of the moon caused many changes in me but I’ve learned to work with them. Release and try not to be hard on yourself let yourself feel as much as you want

  3. Kileysue42 says:

    Since a child i have never been able to sleep around the full moon. My parents even remembering me rearranging furbiture aroundin my room in the middle of the night, saying, “my room felt heavier on one side..” and i couldnt sleep. (The furniture wasnt symmetrically aligned, lol) As ive gotten older, I regularly live on 3hrs of sleep p/nt. On good nights. Full moon weeks, Im completely without sleep- either at the window with binoculars…or literally laying on my back stargazing. I began recognizing the pattern of this cycle in myself a few years ago. Its revolutionized my life, realizing im not actually crazy- there IS a real reason why this happens to me…and Im NOT the only one! Thank God!

    • Tracy Montalvo says:

      Wow this is so crazy I was ready a little Instagram post and everything that was on there was like check yes check yes ext but it was talking about it you fill this way and so one but it was all me then I had to look it us and he I am with you all tripping out cause I did think I was crazy I am so sensitive to so much I have a lot of people that no me but I don’t got no best friend but the only best friends I got is my kids and there husbands and of course mine I have just felt such a strong bond that iam perfectly fine with them that’s all I need. I don’t really care to be around anyone cause I can fill if they are good or bad and just at times get a little frustrated How people can be, so much hurt pain hate despair it’s at times to much .I really have a love for children I just wish I can be young again they are so innocent and un polished and the future but iam blabbing away but thanks this explains so much

  4. Sharon Lovelace says:

    I have always felt or sensed the pain or turmoil around a person. Sometimes in crowds I am overwhelmed because of the static, that’s what I call it. I have always been attracted to the moon. I sleep mostly during the day. When I worked, managers sent upset or troubled people to me, I never understood why, and it took a toll on me.I take death and kisses hard and more than I should, even makes me physically I’ll if an animal or child is abused. It wears me out and I take to my bed sometimes for days. I don’t want to be around people.

  5. Gretchen Butler says:

    Thank you for all this wonderful information and guidance, it really is invaluable! While reading this I found myself nodding and chuckling at the simplicity of it and finally finding out the Why of it all! As far back as I remember a Full Moon meant emotional roller coaster, crazy and sometimes dangerous behaviors, emotional unrest!! Being an Empath makes this phase especially diffucult! Working in the Mental Health Field can be challenging during this time as well! Now having some helpful new found knowledge as well as useful tools you’ve kindly shared, I’m thinking I’ll not dread the thought of a Full Moon coming, as know I can implement a plan and work it! Thank you very much for taking the time to blog all this, With knowledge comes power to understand the why’s and go forth accordingly!

  6. Alison says:

    Very helpful to read as I now ,as an empth I feel I am not alone.I hate crowds as their energy suffocates me.I feel threatened by negative energy forces around people and have a hard time harnessing good vibes and ignoring the bad!

  7. TrudyRenee Schooler says:

    Working in the veterinary field for 30 years has allowed me insight to information that no one else does…skepticism from that community has kept me silent about my gifts. Information like this has helped me to embrace instead of deny- I thank you for the opportunity to empower and believe in myself!

  8. Suzzy Self says:

    Thank you for this information. The moon has always effected me. I love the moon. Alot of things in here..I do!

  9. Sam Terrulli says:

    I accidentally found this site and I am captivated to read more and learn
    Thank you

  10. Jennie says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I did not realize until recently what was “wrong” with me my whole life. I am an Empath and have not known what it was until it was recently revealed to me. The difficulties I have had with this are now easier to understand and work with instead of against. Sometimes I take to my bed for a day or two without knowing why I felt so drained and exhausted. Dealing with certain people who come into my realm of being make me anxious and nervous. Making me want to get away. I now know why and also why I am drawn to helping people in emotional need with out knowing why I should. I feel much more at peace. Especially know that I understand the full Moon’s effect on me. I just went through a day in bed as I just felt I could not deal with being around people. Thank you.

  11. Suzy g says:

    Wow just wow.!!!
    I will now start to write down my emotions and see if it match’s up with the cycle of the moon – bet it does!!! Love to all fellow empaths ! Look up star seeds / light workers too!!!!!!!!!!???

  12. Brenda Nicholson says:

    “You only need to be willing to work with Her, as she will bring up all those pesky old emotions and unhealthy attachments you haven’t faced yet.“ Perhaps this explains the anger I feel building up before a full moon? It is very unlike me to be angry, but this can get overwhelming at times. I certainly have a lot to work through. I’m glad I found this site!

  13. Sandy P. says:

    Thank you for this post! Fullmoon always affect me without me knowing it, now i realise that the old energies and old vibes need to get out so the better energies and better vibrations will come. The moon helped me alot! ✨??

  14. Katy says:

    After a very emotional day, this article is spot on. Having delayed starting a new job to look after sick children I was feeling rather taken for granted. After an evening trip to the sea, I’m feeling much better. Anyone else feel drawn to the sea on a full moon? Xx

  15. Feraya Ullathorne says:

    Thank you very much for the article. It is now a few years that I realized I was an empath. I am a healer who can heal people emotionally. However, during full moon I feel under the weather and cannot deal with people who are demanding and have to stay in my room to meditate. I also have to protect myself when I’m in crowds and in negative and angry people so that they don’t drain my energy. I protect myself by visualizing white or pink light around me.

  16. Rachel Dozier says:

    My daughter is a very strong intuitive empath…18 yrs old and has started her spiritual awaking as it’s called…I knew it before she became a toddler but in my family it is a shameful thing…my maternal grandmother was institutionalized at 10 for saying something that no one but two people knew about…so every female child after that was taught to bury, suppress and feel scared of these abilities…however, after seeing first hand what that has personally done to me…I am a recovering addict that still spends days locked away from the overwhelming world cause it emotionally and physically hurts me…I will not let my daughter, Izzy, go thru that…I am scared but also very excited for her…this spiritual awaking started December 21 when the moon started illuminating quickly…she had a really hard time( beating herself up) , started feeling better (energy), then started opening with boundaries (self taught and she centers herself in the drop of a dime)…her energy and spiritual guides flow with the moon which is fitting sense Izzy is a water sign…I am so HOPEFULLY that she lives free and embraces her intuitive empathic abilities…I believe it will change her life and our families pattern of suppressive attitude…by the way my Grandmother told a husband and wife at a Christmas party that she was “sorry for their loss”…the couple miscarried three days prior and they were the ONLY ones that knew about the loss…it was an innocent comment made by an eight year old (child) intuitive empath that was overwhelmed by the grief and loss that this couple felt…

  17. Sarah Sipowicz says:

    It is almost a relief to read about everything I happen to be and feel somehow authenticated/connected to the moon and all those sensitive like me(empaths)… what a wonderful read🤗🤗🤗thank you.. is there anywhere I can access the “New moons affects on empaths??” I’d absolutely love to read it here but if that’s not possible I’d love some suggestions…. thank you all 🧡

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