How To Clear Your Aura And Chakras As An Empath

Do you know that sensation of being stuck or clogged up for no apparent reason? Sometimes your mind and body feel drained, sluggish, or disconnected. You might feel confusion and static following you. These are all signs of blocked energy— an internal obstruction in your chakras or a dampening in your aura.

What causes chakra and aura blockages? They can come from outside situations like long-term stress or toxic environments. They can also arise from inner turmoil and living out of alignment with your higher truth (for example, by falling into unhealthy dynamics or losing sight of your boundaries).

The people most vulnerable to energy blockages are empaths and sensitives (also known as Highly Sensitive People). Why— they’re more reactive to the flow of energy in their environment and in the people with whom they interact.

Being more open and receptive, empaths and sensitives need to be extra careful with the energies they allow in. And they need a good repertoire of techniques for chakra and aura cleansing to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

But let’s start at the beginning.

The essentials— What are your chakras and aura?

Chakras have been known to human wisdom for thousands of years. They’re there in ancient Indian texts that explore our energetic and spiritual makeup. But they became widely known in the West through a few teachers, then during the spiritual explosion of the seventies.

The point is— the chakras are real, traditional, and lived knowledge of how energy works in our bodies.

A chakra is a wheel or center of the subtle (energetic) body that’s inside the physical body. It receives energy from your entire being through channels (nadis) that flow into it. Traditionally, there are seven main chakras:

  • Root chakra (Mulabandha) at the bottom of your spine. This is the earth chakra, the center of energy that grounds you and keeps you safe, close to the earth.
  • Sacral chakra (Swadhisthana), the center of creativity and pleasure, in your lower belly.
  • Solar plexus chakra (Manipura) with the energy of personal power and identity.
  • Heart chakra (Anahata) with the energy of feeling, love, and compassion.
  • Throat chakra (Vishuddha), the center of communication, wisdom, and purification.
  • Third eye chakra (Ajna) between your brows, the seat of your Higher Self and inner teacher.
  • Crown chakra (Sahasrara) at the top of your head, the chakra of pure consciousness and connection to the Divine.

You don’t need to remember the names and functions of all these energy centers. What matters is how they work together and what happens if they’re blocked or misaligned. The most important chakras for empaths and sensitives are the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra

If energy flows freely through all your energetic body, you’ll experience joy, consciousness, and peace. You’ll be focused and calm— this is the end goal of yoga.

But if energy is stuck in a channel or if a chakra is closed, you’ll feel restless, aimless, and imbalanced (the how depends on which chakra it is). Your physical body can also start acting up, causing different illnesses with no apparent cause (including Adrenal Fatigue) and overall exhaustion.

The aura is the outer manifestation of your energy— an extension of your energetic sphere outside of the borders of your physical form. Kind of like an electromagnetic field that runs through your body and stretches a little bit out into the world.

The aura can change because of your inner state and the alignment of your energy (this is what you sometimes see as different color vibrations). But it’s also sensitive to outer vibrations, like the energy of the people, situations, and environment around you.

If you’re an empath or a highly sensitive person, you can probably feel the radiation of your aura if you concentrate. You can also feel the aura of others— their energy.

But say another person’s energy is out of whack— you need to have strong aura boundaries to not let those vibrations through. If you’re one hundred percent permeable to external energies, you’ll throw your chakras out of alignment.

This can result in feelings of tiredness, confusion, emotional drain, and disconnection from your body (as well as adrenal fatigue and other physical symptoms).

Why do empaths and sensitives need energy cleansing?

Empaths are, by definition, preternaturally receptive to the energies that circulate around them. They lack the filters to sift through emotion, so they often take on the energies of those around them. This can be great to foster deep relationships and help people out. But it can become a draining burden if the empath doesn’t develop some kind of filtering method to protect their aura and chakras.

Highly Sensitive People, or sensitives, are similar to empaths in this openness to external energies. But their traits go even further— sensitives are hard-wired to process all stimuli more deeply, reliving experiences (and their vibrations) over and over.

So you see that, while empaths and sensitives aren’t the same, they share some common aspects. They absorb energy from situations, people, and places— no matter whether it’s positive or not.

If you’re an empath or sensitive, you already know that all these energy upheavals cause great imbalance. This includes stress, adrenal fatigue, mood problems, feeling stuck, negative cycles, and health issues. This is because your more receptive aura tends to let in everything and this, in turn, creates blockages in your internal energy channels and chakras.

You need to clear and balance your chakras to reset your system to a clean energy slate. You need to cleanse and protect your aura to avoid letting in new unhealthy energies.

3 Simple techniques to clear your chakras and aura.

How do you shield your energy? How do you fix an already imbalanced energy system? Check out these 3 simple energy cleansing techniques.

You can adapt them and use them at any time— once a day, after a particularly stressful week, or before heading into a difficult situation. Developing a regular practice in a safe space is the best idea, as it creates a feeling of ritual and security.

1. Grounding your root chakra.

We’ve said the root chakra is perhaps the most important one for sensitives and empaths. Why? It’s your connection to the motherlode of energies, the most stable source of our beings— the Earth. This is where your feelings of basic safety (or, if blocked, lack thereof) reside, and the first element you need to fix to achieve balance.

You need to ground your root chakra (connect it to the earth) to re-attune yourself to the natural vibrations. Earthing is a good approach: you simply take off your shoes and go for a slow walk on grass, sand, or earth. Feel the sensations and focus on releasing the negative energies down to Mama Earth.

You can also use a visioning technique to align your root chakra with the neutral, calming energies of the earth. Sit straight and still, drawing deep breaths (it should feel like you’re breathing into the base of your spine). Picture a warm golden thread sinking from your coccyx down into the center of the Earth. Stay with this grounding feeling until you feel balanced and safe.

Ideally, you’d practice this visioning technique twice a day. In the morning before you go out to create protection and close your energy circuits, and in the evening to release lower vibrations and feel more restful.

2. Chakra alignment ritual.

The principle is to free any blockages and align the chakras for the energy to flow freely.

Start sitting or lying down, eyes closed. Use the powerful tool of your breath to clear energy blockages in the channels all through your body. Envision your inhalation as purifying ocean water filling your lungs and spilling through your body, gently breaking down barriers, and washing away all the debris with your exhale. Do this for a few minutes

Set your focus on your Heart Chakra, feeling its beat and warmth, and attuning your breath to its rhythm. Now, work to align the energy centers— physically as well as energetically. See your spine as an elongated, straight branch, rooting through the bottom, taking energy from your heart, and flowering at your crown.

Keep this image for a few minutes. Feel the intention of balance and alignment with your Higher Self run through you. Say quietly, ‘I am rooted, I am balanced, I am in control’. Then open your eyes.

If this ritual is too much to perform daily, set aside a little time once a week. Think of it as washing your hair or doing an exfoliating face mask— it’s a regular energetic hygiene practice that’ll help you stay in your best self.

3. Aura shield of Light.

If you’re a sensitive or empath, your aura is extra-permeable, like a sponge that draws in the vibrations that float around you and lets them affect your inner being. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

By practicing this cleansing and protective technique, you’ll create a shield for your aura and expel all the lower vibrations that leave you with that feeling of static or confusion.

Close your eyes wherever you are. Focus on your breath for a few moments. Feel the energy you radiate, your aura. Imagine cleansing, purple energy from the Cosmos flowing over you, burning away any negative areas.

When you feel a release, breathe deeply.

Allow the light to change to a bright, warm shade of white. This will spread over your body and create a glowing seal around your aura, a few centimeters away from your skin. Hold this intention— this is your shield and safe bubble that no external energy can pass without your permission. Open your eyes.

It’s best to do this protective ritual after doing some internal alignment work on your chakras (either of the previous techniques will work). This way, you reset your inner ecosystem and create a protective barrier to keep it balanced.

Extra tips and conclusion.

Remember, you’re a holistic being. Balancing your energetic body with these techniques is necessary and useful, but you should also take care of the other aspects. Meaning— try to get 8 hours of sleep, support your adrenals, get enough good nutrients in your diet, and make time to reflect and relate with your loved ones. Above all, be kind to yourself to be kind to others.

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    Thank you so much for this. I am an empath & only realized it a year ago. I’m struggling to clear my chakras. I’m drawn in to everything & I have no energy. I’ve been checked over & over by doctors & nothing physical comes up. But I know how I feel. I need to put boundaries up in my head before I collapse from fatigue.

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