10 Signs You Are A Highly Intuitive Empath

The 10 Empath Traits— Are You One, Too? Have you ever felt an onslaught of emotion just by being near someone else? Or experienced feelings that come to you as from the outside instead of your own emotional process? If so, you might just have a special kind of sensitivity. Our modern, urban world can […]

The Adrenal Health Quiz For Empaths – How Being An Empath Can Affect Adrenal Health Our modern, urban world can be a convoluted place, ridden with loneliness and disconnection. On the collective level, there are lots of wounds that have accumulated in our history as a  society. This can often mean that our experience as […]

The Magick and Power of Crystals and Stones

For thousands of years, humans have recognized that crystals, gems and semi-precious stones are imbued with energies and properties that can be of great benefit. The Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans all understood the mystical powers of these stones and how they could help people overcome challenges in their lives. Crystals are known scientifically to be […]

A Witch’s Guide to Building Your Own Book of Shadows or Grimoire

A Book of Shadows, also called a Grimoire, is a book containing rituals, religious writings, meditations and other Craft-related writings. Although almost all Wiccan covens and practitioners have Books of Shadows, many non-Wiccan pagans have them, too. In traditional Gardnerian Wicca, which is dominated by covens, there was one Book of Shadows per coven. The […]

A Brief Overview of Pagan Music

Song and dance have been a part of the human experience since the first protohumans banged two rocks together to make noise in the dark.  Music is a central part of worship for almost every faith on earth today, and Paganism is no exception. There are as many different styles of Pagan music as there […]

Where Does Kabbalah Fit with Witchcraft?

Anyone who’s been around the occult and metaphysical practices for any time at all has heard the word “Kabbalah”. But what is it, exactly? Kabbalah is a 4000-year-old esoteric metaphysical discipline derived from Judaism. It’s based on the writings of Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai, who lived in the 2nd Century during the height of Roman […]

A Witch’s Introduction to Chakras

I’ve written about energy and energy work before and mentioned that all cultures have a concept of energy flow. Today I’m writing about an iconic concept of energy that comes from India and has pervaded into the practice of many witches today. I’m talking about chakras. In Sanskrit, the word chakra means “wheel,” that reflects […]

A Deeper Look at The Burning Times

In most of my writing about Wicca and Neo-Paganism, you’ll note that I talk about how these faiths were “reconstructed” or “resurrected”. You might wonder why that is, and why the old ways were ever lost. The simple answer is that they weren’t lost. They were eradicated. Christian fathers, in their infinite love and mercy […]