The Magick and Power of Crystals and Stones

For thousands of years, humans have recognized that crystals, gems and semi-precious stones are imbued with energies and properties that can be of great benefit. The Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans all understood the mystical powers of these stones and how they could help people overcome challenges in their lives.

Crystals are known scientifically to be useful in focusing and amplifying electrical currents and other energies. The same is true on a metaphysical level. Crystals and stones are part of Mother Earth, and they have been filled with the power of the earth and natural forces. You can use them as components in spells, or you can simply carry certain stones on your person to aid you in something specific that you’re going to encounter in your daily life.

These are the most common crystals, stones and natural semi-precious gems that can help you on your path.

Abalone Shell – Protection; shields against negativity; promotes love, peace, beauty and compassion

Agate – Grounding; helps you build up your strengths and diminish your weaknesses; improves concentration and confidence; healing

Alexandrite – Aligns the mental and emotional selves

Amazonite – Eliminates worries, self-doubt and frustration; breaks up energy blockages

Amber – Absorbs negative energy; eases pain; promotes self-confidence and self-expression

Amethyst – One of the highest-vibration stones; healing; promotes intuition; grants insight

Apatite – Energizing; helps you to achieve your ambitions

Apophyllite – Eliminates repressed emotions and negative thoughts; releases anxiety; cleansing

Aquamarine – Accesses higher levels of consciousness; eliminates negative behavioral patterns; releases stress; promotes peace and tranquility

Atacamite – Protection; psychic visions; conducts and amplifies energy; increases clairvoyance

Aventurine – Luck; prosperity; confidence; inspires optimism

Azurite – Awakens psychic abilities; improves intuition; connects to spirit guides; relieves mental stress and disorder; dissolves blocked energy

Beryl – Deepens emotions; solidifies love relationships

Black Jasper – Protection; healing

Black Tourmaline – Protection; grounding; eliminates negative energy; balances energies

Bloodstone – Revitalizing; promotes courage and self-esteem; enhances positive energy; centering

Blue Lace Agate – Improves communication; helps overcome fears of confrontation; enhances tranquility and gentleness

Bronzite – Grounding; re-energizing; reverses “bad vibes” and ill wishes; balances and energizes the chakras; eliminates negativity

Calcite – Amplifies energy; reduces fear and stress

Carnelian – Creativity; confidence; energy; creativity; individuality

Celestite – Another high-vibration stone; brings clarity; releases anxiety; soothes raw emotions

Chalcedony – Mental flexibility; verbal dexterity; helps you learn new languages; improves memory

Chrysocolla – Encourages self-expression; calms emotions; stimulates the mind; encourages compassion

Chrysoprase – Increased conflict resolution capability; encourages compassion; forgiveness; kindness

Citrine – Creativity; wealth; self-confidence; healthy boundaries; vitality; pure positive Sun energy

Clear Quartz – The highest-energy crystal; connects you to your higher self and spirit guides; absorbs, stores, regulates and releases energy; dissolves energy blocks; amplifies the effects of other crystals; cleansing

Coral – Defends against the evil eye; protection, especially for children

Crazy Lace Agate – Protection from the evil eye; helps with decision-making; improves focus

Dalmatian Jasper – Enhances emotional strength; joy; creativity; playfulness

Diamond – Enhances communication within relationships

Dioptase – Healing; encourages feelings of self-worth; encourages living in the moment

Dolomite – Stabilizes energy; prevents insomnia; enhances generosity

Dumortierite – Improves communication; cuts toxic ties; enhances self-realization; patience

Emerald – Love; communication; truthfulness

Epidote – Enhances emotional and spiritual growth; improves perception; encourages patience

Feldspar – Helps you find misplaced objects; creativity; astral travel

Fire Opal – Vitality; clairaudience; helps you adapt to change

Fluorite – Absorbs negativity; cleansing; releases anxiety

Fuchsite – Restores spiritual health; emotional healing; encourages self-growth

Galaxite – Protection; cleanses the aura; aids with astral travel

Galena – Enhances insight and self-awareness

Garnet – Enhances passion; love; romance; self-confidence

Goldstone – Enhances ambition; positive energy; deflects negativity

Green Calcite – Enhances communication; improves spiritual balance; mental strength

Green Kyanite – Balance; enhances love; diminishes anger

Hematite – Neutralizes negativity; grounding; releases stress and anxiety

Herkimer Diamond – Enhances attunement; improves body/mind/spirit balance

Howlite – Decreases stress; eases emotional and physical pain

Iolite – Psychic healing; curiosity; sobriety

Jade – Generosity; fidelity; prosperity; abundance; instills peace and purity of thought

Jasper – Nurturing; protection; improves relaxation

Jet – Eases grief; protection in financial matters

Kambaba Jasper – Helps you overcome anxiety

Kunzite – Eases stress; heals broken hearts

Kyanite – Loyalty; balances the chakras; reduces anger

Labradorite – Taps into higher states of consciousness; enhances mental and spiritual power; protection; expands spiritual awareness

Lapis Lazuli – Another high-vibrational stone; wisdom; enhances self-expression; truthfulness; inner strength

Larimar – Freedom; peace; energy

Lazulite – Enhances psychic ability; reduces worry; aids in meditation

Leopard Skin Jasper – Healing; grounding; helps clear insecurities and negative thoughts

Lepidolite – Helps you cope with change and upheaval; enhances tranquility and balance; eases emotional turmoil

Malachite – Emotional balance; transformation; energizing

Mica – Eliminates negative personality traits; releases energy blockages

Moldavite – Enhances inner journeys; connects with higher levels of consciousness

Mookaite – Awakens your true potential; enhances willpower; enables you to pursue your dreams

Moonstone – Very closely associated with the Goddess; feminine power; sensitivity; compassion

Morganite – Eases the pain of separation

Moss Agate – Eases emotional pain; connects with nature spirits; aids creative visualization

Muscovite – Eases insecurities; assists with problem solving

Novaculite – Helps cut psychic or etheric cords; helps ease depression; assists with getting over problems from the past

Obsidian – Absorbs toxic energy; enhances self-awareness; grounding

Ocean Jasper – Relieves stress; quiets mental noise

Onyx – Enhances confidence; protection; balance; releases anxiety and stress

Opal – Inspiration; imagination; creativity

Orange Calcite – Eases pain, both emotional and physical; removes negativity; revitalizes; balances emotions; enhances creativity

Orange Kyanite – Enhances creativity

Peridot – Releases toxic emotional baggage; enhances insight; confidence

Petalite – Spiritual healing; removes hexes; connects with spirit guides

Petrified Wood – Grounding; past life work; regeneration; longevity

Picture Jasper – Grounding; powerfully connected to earth energy; enhances wisdom; dispels fear

Pyrite – Attracts wealth; good luck; protection; self-awareness; healing

Red Jasper – Nurturing energy; eases anxiety; releases stress; calms mental chatter; justice; protection; fairness

Rhodochrosite – Enhances self-love; improves self-esteem; positive energy

Rhodonite – Grounding; insight; calms emotional turmoil; enhances compassion and altruism

Rhyolite – Boosts self-esteem; reduces rumination over past events; positive energy

Rose Quartz – Love of all kinds; compassion; happiness; forgiveness; peace; release of toxic emotions

Ruby – Increases life force; sensuality; passion; sexual attraction; boost motivation

Rutilated Quartz – Filters negativity; prevents psychic attacks; enables you to deal with hidden issues and confront frustration and resentment

Saginite – Protection; enhances self-confidence

Sapphire – Creative expression; intuition

Selenite – Cleansing; purity; connects you to higher energies; assuages grief, anger and anxiety

Seraphinite – Enhances psychic communication; connects with higher energies

Serpentine – Balances moods; emotional healing; attracts love and money

Shungite – Purification; healing; promotes emotional and physical well-being

Smithsonite – Encourages leadership; mental alertness; healing; confidence; stimulates psychic ability

Smoky Quartz – Helps overcome negative emotions; relieves stress and anxiety; helps balance energy; releases negativity

Sodalite – Improves self-esteem and self-acceptance; grounding; connects the body with the higher mind

Sugilite – Enhances psychic ability; healing; spirituality

Sunstone – Promotes vitality; creativity; joy; confidence; releases self-doubt; abundance; good fortune

Tiger’s Eye – Clarity; deeper understanding of yourself and situations around you

Topaz – Encourages creativity in writers and composers; encourages trust; strength; protection from negativity; relieves depression and fear

Tourmaline – Protection; balances energies

Tourmalinated Quartz – This is quartz with tourmaline inclusions, a relatively rare stone; combines the energy amplification of quarts with the protection of tourmaline; helps you to overcome self-defeating behavior and negative patterns; problem-solving

Tree Agate – Security; inner peace; grounding; perseverance

Turquoise – Promotes spiritual attunement; enhances communication; enhances mental well-being; eliminates self-hatred and self-sabotage

Unakite – Manifests love; calms and stabilizes emotions

Variscite – Soothing; calming; balancing body/mind/spirit; helps you recall past lives

Cleansing Crystals

Crystals absorb a lot of energy, and sometimes they need to be cleansed and recharged, especially if they’ve been exposed to a lot of negativity. There are different ways to cleans your crystals. It’s a good idea to cleanse new crystals before you start to use them, just to make sure that there’s no energy clinging to them from other people that might disrupt their connection with your own spirit.

  1. Bury them in dirt for a week. This returns them to earth, where they can be recharged.
  2. Wash them in salt water. NOTE: some crystals and stones actually degrade when they’re wet, and certain stones should not be washed. The stones that should not be washed are amber, turquoise, red opal, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite and selenite. A good rule of thumb is that if the name of the stone ends in “-ite”, it’s not washable.
  3. Leave the stones in moonlight for three days before and three days after the full moon. The energy of the moon will cleanse and revitalize the stones.
  4. Burn sage and pass the crystals through the smoke. This is called “smudging”.

On a more prosaic level, if you find that your crystals are getting dirty with fingerprints from frequent handling, you can wipe them with a clean cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

Spells and Rituals

There are a lot of different spells and rituals that you can do using stones. Stones can augment the intention of your spell or ritual and selecting the right stones can boost the effectiveness of the ritual or spell you’re casting.

If you’re casting a prosperity spell, then select stones that attract abundance and wealth: sunstone, jade, pyrite, or serpentine. For spells related to relationships, rose quartz, amethyst and garnet can be helpful.

When you’re casting a spell, select up to 13 stones and place them on your altar, surrounding your cauldron. Remember the associations with the cardinal directions and make sure that the stones you place are related to or augment these properties. For example, the north is related to earth and grounding, so brown stones with grounding properties would be appropriate for this direction.

Spells with crystals depend upon something called sympathetic magic, which is “like attracts like”. A lot of the power of stones can be tied to their colors. Colors have magickal properties, and you can use these to your advantage.  Gold stones attract gold (money). Green stones encourage growth. Brown stones encourage the presence of earth elementals.

Hematite release of troubles spell:

You will need your standard altar tools, a hematite stone and a clay bowl filled with earth.

After casting your circle, hold a hematite in your hands. Say the following:

“Hematite, stone of black

Bring me peace that now I lack

Listen as I my troubles tell

Remove them when I end this spell.”

Concentrate on the things that are bothering you and tell your troubles to the stone with as much detail as you can manage. Envision the stone absorbing the troubles as you tell them, taking them on, taking them away from you. When you’ve expressed everything you needed to express, bury the stone in clay bowl, making certain that the soil completely covers the stone. Say:

“May earth renew you as you renew me

And purify us both. So mote it be.”

Leave the stone in the bowl for an entire lunar cycle. When the lunar cycle is finished, take the hematite out, cleanse it in sage smoke, and return the soil to Mother Earth (pour it out on the ground outside).

Rose quartz love spell:

Again, you’ll need your standard altar tools, two rose quartz crystals, sandalwood incense, a square of muslin and a red ribbon.

Cast your circle as usual.  Place the two crystals on the muslin and gather the edges of the fabric up to form a bag. Tie the bag closed with the red ribbon. Light the sandalwood incense and hold the bag in the smoke, saying:

“Stones of love, stones of light

Bring me love by day and night,

Love to guard me in the rain

Until the sun shines bright again,

Love I’ll cherish like spun gold

When new as well as when it’s old.

Stones of power, stones of might,

Bring me love if it be right.”

Carry the bag with you, and love will be drawn to you. At night, place the bag with the stones under your pillow and sleep with them there. You will dream of the love of your life.

There are as many different spells as there are stones, and each one can (and should) be tailored to your needs and abilities. You can find books full of crystal lore and spells, and there are many free crystal spells on line for the technomancers out there. Crystals have power all their own, and they can be valuable tools and allies in your magickal work.

Until next time, I wish you peace. Blessed be!


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